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    Ship power system
     Medium/low voltage main switchboard
     The emergency switchboard
     The switchboard
     shore connection box
     Electric box
     Startup box/Emergency cut-off box
     test panel
    Ship automation system
     Marine power station management system
     Engine room monitoring and alarming system
     Liquid level telemetry system
     Valve remote control system
     DP power positioning system
     The bridge watch alarm system
     Ship shore information integration system
     Electric propulsion system
    Ship steering control station
     Driving console
     Engine room set control station
     Damage control station
     The two wings console
     Cargo console /General guide / chart table
     Sea water pump energy saving
     Medium voltage shore power
     Active power filter
     Marine LCDS
     Digital electric potentiometer
     The light signal controller
The emergency switchboard

Product features
The development and design of ship emergency switchboard, switchboard using frame group vertical structure, the disc components using the world's most advanced products, the utility model has the advantages of small volume, compact layout, reasonable; the switchboard can install all kinds of brand switching: Schneider, abb, Siemens, TERASAKI and so on.
Function introduction
When the main switchboard power loss, the emergency switchboard and main switchboard contact switch automatically closing; emergency generator start automatically, emergency generator main switch automatic closing, when the main switchboard to restore power supply, emergency generator main switch automatic gate, emergency switchboard and the distribution of the main plate contact switch automatically closing, emergency generator separate switch, delay ten minutes automatically stop the emergency generator. In order to improve the reliability of the power supply, the user service and the replacement of the components are convenient, the emergency switchboard is all used in the separation components..
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