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    Ship power system
     Medium/low voltage main switchboard
     The emergency switchboard
     The switchboard
     shore connection box
     Electric box
     Startup box/Emergency cut-off box
     test panel
    Ship automation system
     Marine power station management system
     Engine room monitoring and alarming system
     Liquid level telemetry system
     Valve remote control system
     DP power positioning system
     The bridge watch alarm system
     Ship shore information integration system
     Electric propulsion system
    Ship steering control station
     Driving console
     Engine room set control station
     Damage control station
     The two wings console
     Cargo console /General guide / chart table
     Sea water pump energy saving
     Medium voltage shore power
     Active power filter
     Marine LCDS
     Digital electric potentiometer
     The light signal controller
Dalian COSCO Shipping electrical automation system of the three party in our joint acceptance 2016-05-24
I believe in the near future, Xinya magnetoelectric will become one of the most excellent magnetoelectric domestic manufacturers 2016-04-09
I received the order of the marine engineering ship distribution equipment 2015-05-28
Eighteenth the 2015 China International Maritime Exhibition preparatory work officially launched 2015-05-26
The exchange of technical exchange with the working boat for the three in deep water will be held 2015-05-26
Zhejiang Xinya Electric Development Co. Ltd. received 30000 cubic LNG ship 2015-05-26
I Division of the organization for all staff trips 2015-05-26
Our matching Chengxi 64000DWT bulk cargo ship has been greatly recognized 2015-05-26
Xinya company 2012 annual meeting 2015-05-26
Division offshore oil platform distribution project completion 2015-05-26
2012 company skills and technology competition held 2015-05-26
Xinya company held the 2011 year-end Conference 2015-05-26
We independently developed the monitoring and alarm system through GL type approval 2015-05-26
The second company Fun Games held smoothly 2015-05-26
Member of the International Association for electrical engineering services of the company 2015-05-26
Secretary for the organization of the city ship accompanied by the company to study 2015-05-26
I successfully become the company of COSCO ship electrical system qualified supplier 2015-05-26
The electromechanical Committee of the Zhejiang maritime Society for our communication 2015-05-26
Zhejiang TV column into the stage of Xinya magnetoelectric flow 2015-05-26
Zhejiang Xinya magnetoelectric Development Co. Ltd. 2010 summary conference 2015-05-26
Our successful development of new ship MV switchboard and delivery 2015-05-26
My company and the Japanese JRCS company initially reached a cooperation agreement 2015-05-26
"Medium ship integrated bridge system" through the acceptance of 2015-05-26
Our company welcome the COSCO Group delegation 2015-05-26
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